When traveling to Mexico, an American Auto Insurance Policy may not be comprehensive enough if you are involved in an auto accident. American policies limit their coverage in Mexico, so therefore only a Mexican automobile liability insurance policy is a guaranteed acceptance. In the event of an accident, damages or injuries must be paid in cash or with Mexican Travelers Auto Insurance.

Your policy must clearly state collision, fire and theft. Property damage and bodily injury liabilities, as well as medical expenses, must have defined coverage limits. A customized Mexican tourist auto policy will ensure you that have adequate coverage for any unexpected problems.

Frisby Insurance offers Mexican Travelers Auto Insurance. Furthermore, Maria Frisby adds Mexico Travel Guard as a supplement to your insurance policy. Unfortunately, the auto insurance tourist policy does not cover the services of an attorney, judicial costs and fines. This supplemental policy provides these benefits and more, with settlements paid in United States currency.

Mexican traffic laws are similar to United States traffic laws. However, there is a difference in the application of these laws. Mexico does not require compulsory automobile insurance. Therefore, anyone responsible for an accident must have the immediate funds necessary for damages or injuries. You can protect yourself from these instances with Mexican Travelers Auto Insurance.

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